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3 Reasons Why Invisalign is the BEST Way to Straighten Your Teeth (No Braces Needed)

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What if there was a way to straighten your teeth without braces?

Considering that nearly 40% of adults say that teeth are the first thing they notice when meeting someone, it’s not surprising that a third of Americans wish they could have a better smile.

In the past, straightening your teeth meant having a mouth full of metal for up to two years. Today, Invisalign® has made straightening your teeth faster, easier and practically invisible.

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign gently and gradually aligns teeth into the correct position with minimal discomfort or disruption to your daily life. The customized, computer fabricated clear aligners can be worn right over your teeth and can be easily removed for meals and brushing.

Here are 3 reasons why Invisalign is the clear and comfortable alternative to braces. 

  1. You can’t see it!

One reason Invisalign is so popular with adults is because it’s so discreet. You can avoid people staring at your teeth or advertising your treatment, because Invisalign is nearly impossible to see. You also have the option of removing the aligners for a special event − just remember to pop them back in afterwards.

  1. Invisalign won’t irritate your mouth.

Unlike braces, with Invisalign there are no wires or rubber bands that often cause discomfort and sometimes pain. Remember that corn on the cob you love? You can easily remove Invisalign when eating meals so you don’t have to avoid your favorite foods that might cause problems with braces. The smooth, plastic aligners are customized to fit your mouth, which means you’ll always have an accurate, comfortable fit.

  1. Get the smile you want in half the time.

What if you could straighten your teeth without multiple trips to the dentist and the long treatment time associated with braces? Invisalign with PROPEL® technology can cut your treatment time nearly in half by harnessing the body’s own biological response.

This technology creates micro-osteoperforations above the gum line, making it one of the most innovative treatments in orthodontics today. While treatment time for braces typically takes between 12-18 months, Invisalign with PROPEL generally takes between 6-8 months.

Why Choose Ginger Price DDS?

Ginger Price DDS is an Elite Preferred Invisalign Providerinvisalign_elite_2014

Ginger Price DDS specializes in Invisalign and uses state-of- the-art technology to ensure the most effective results. We can help you attain straight, beautiful teeth with minimal treatment time and discomfort.

Dr. Price has empowered hundreds here in Arizona get the smile they desire. With the latest technology and the most innovative techniques, Dr. Price delivers a beautiful smile with less recovery time and more comfort.  Don’t trust your teeth with just anyone, go to the experts who know how to get it done right.

Contact the experts at Ginger Price DDS today to find out if Invisalign is right for you!

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