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All-On-4: Why You Should Receive the Procedure from a Cosmetic Dentist

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All-On-4 changes patients’ lives. Not only are individuals given the gift of dental health once again, they are also empowered to show off a smile they often hid for years prior.

Given the magnitude of the All-On-4 procedure, it is crucial that the dentist who performs the procedure is qualified not only in the surgical and functional aspect—but also the esthetic. This is why using a cosmetic dentist to perform an All-on-4 procedure is the best decision you can make.

What Is All-On-4?

Patients with damaged teeth, declining bone strength and tooth loss experience painful symptoms, deteriorating health and a decreased quality of life. All-On-4 is a procedure that can resolve even the most crippling dental cases, having restored hope and overall health for thousands of individuals.

All-On-4 is now a tried and true, permanent dental implant option. With only four implants per arch, patients return to a full, functional smile. In short, All-On-4 is a streamlined way to replace a patient’s teeth that are in a state of failure, with something that doesn’t come in and out like conventional dentures. Instead, the result is solid, beautiful and natural-looking teeth that are permanent and function just like ordinary teeth.

What Does a Cosmetic Dentist Do?

Cosmetic dentists are extremely qualified dentists with furthered education and training. They must first complete a bachelor’s degree, and then either a Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) or a Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D.) from an accredited dental school (source) From there, it takes not only many years of general practice to first hone their basic skills, but also completion of advanced hands-on training from one of the Aesthetic Dentistry programs. Additional training in occlusion or bite mechanics is essential as well.

Aside from standard dental health, cosmetic dentists specialize in treatments that promote the function and esthetic of a patient’s smile, including All-On-4. So, while cosmetic dentists’ primary concern is the oral health of a patient, they also have the unique skill to enhance the overall appearance of a smile, including the shape, position, color, size and alignment of the patient’s teeth and how they sit in the face. The occlusion needs to be detailed out as well.

Like regular dentists, cosmetic dentists are proficient with dentures, dental implants, crowns and bridges—yet unlike other dentists, they have furthered experience in visual improvements and procedures. In turn, every procedure performed by a cosmetic dentist is a work of art.

A Life-Changing Dental Procedure: The Benefits of All-On-4

To say there are many benefits of the All-On-4 treatment is an understatement. This procedure has changed the lives of thousands of individuals whose quality of life was deteriorating daily.

Aside from a remarkable increase in social confidence and happiness, those who receive All-On-4 benefit from:

  • Shorter treatment times
  • Lower costs
  • Stability and strength, even for those with minimal bone quantity
  • A one-day procedure that never has to be taken out
  • A comfortable solution that don’t require adhesives, unlike dentures
  • Restored facial features and reversed rapid aging
  • Prevention of bone deterioration
  • The ability to eat freely
  • The most affordable and effective permanent tooth implant option

Cosmetic Dentists: Creating a Perfectly Permanent Smile

All-On-4 is not classified as a strictly cosmetic dental procedure; yet, having a cosmetic dentist perform the procedure ensures the best possible results. In fact, choosing a cosmetic dentist for an All-On-4 procedure can even save time and money (source). Because the dental implants are permanent, it’s important that you are thrilled with your new smile. Cosmetic dentists are the most qualified to ensure you walk out feeling healthier and more confident than ever. For example, family care doctors regularly give vision tests, yet you would trust them to write your glasses prescription or perform a vision-correcting surgery. Similarly, cosmetic doctors have the extra credentials necessary to ensure your overall satisfaction with the All-On-4 procedure.

Dr. Ginger Price DDS

You should trust your cosmetic dentist. Luckily, Ginger Price DDS is known internationally for her work, receiving accolades from patients and peers alike. Dr. Price has been recognized as the best cosmetic dentist in the Phoenix area, with loyal patients who have stayed with her for over thirty years. Additionally, she is regularly featured in newspapers, magazines, radio and television segments.

Established in 1984, Dr. Price’s family cosmetic dentistry practice finds no greater joy than giving the gift of a smile back to patients. Dr. Ginger Price earned her doctorate in dentistry from the prestigious Loma Linda University (LLU) and also studied fine arts in college.

Among Dr. Price’s many credentials, her esthetic capabilities make her truly stand out. Her talent and background in fine arts gives her a unique perspective which she uses to enhance the services she provides. Because teeth are such a crucial component to your facial structure, Dr. Price uses her years of experience and her artistic background to create the perfect set of teeth, considering placement, color, texture and length.

Dr. Ginger Price’s Patient Results with the All-On-4 Treatment

“It’s one of most rewarding procedures I do. I love it. It’s life changing.” – Dr. Ginger Price DDS

Dr. Ginger Price’s patient results for the All-On-4 dental implant treatment have been monumental. Many of the All-On-4 patients were previously unable to leave their home, some were on disability, and the majority were in pain all of the time.

After receiving the All-On-4 procedure, patients’ painful symptoms declined rapidly. Conditions such as heart disease, arthritis and infection all improved after the mouth was brought back to a healthy state. Dr. Price has been happy to give health and happiness back to her patients with the All-On-4 procedure.

For more information on the All-On-4 procedure click here.

Dr. Price DDS now also offers a free “Trial Smile” – see a computer generated photo of what your new smile would look like with an All-On-4 procedure! Contact Dr. Price DDS to learn more.

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