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Best Oral Health Techniques …And 5 Hacks that Back Them Up

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Best Oral Health Techniques

…And 5 Hacks that Back Them Up

Most people know that a having a healthy smile is essential to having a beautiful smile, but not everyone’s aware of what a key component oral health plays in overall health.

Unchecked harmful mouth bacteria can not only lead to tooth decay, gingivitis (gum disease), periodontitis (infection of the supporting structures around teeth), etc., but has also been linked to endocarditis (infection of the heart’s inner lining), cardiovascular disease and premature birth.

Good thing you’ve been brushing and flossing like a champ all this time, right? As often as you should and using the right techniques? Relax. It’s OK if you’re a little fuzzy on proper procedures – maybe no one’s gone over them with you since the 1st grade or you were thinking of that hilarious YouTube video while your hygienist was talking.

There’s no time like the present to start doing things the right way and saving yourself tons of money, time and possible heartache (literally) down the road.

Brusha Brusha Brusha!


When it comes to brushing, things haven’t changed much in the last few decades. As always, the ADA (American Dental Association) recommends that you:




  • • Brush at least twice daily
  • • Use a soft-bristled brush that’s the right size to easily maneuver in your mouth
  • • Use a new brush every three to four months or sooner, if the bristles are frayed
  • • Hold the brush at a 45° angle to the gums
  • • Use short back-and-forth strokes
  • • Make sure to brush the inner, outer and chewing surfaces, as well as the tongue. 

Ideally, we recommend using a Sonicare Toothbrush. The Diamond Clean model is the finest and most effective mechanical toothbrush available today. Its magic is that it cleans beyond conventional “scrubbing” and creates a secondary cleansing action beyond where the tips of any toothbrush bristle can reach. This is due to fluid dynamics equating with 30,000 brush strokes per minute compared with the 2500 of a conventional electric toothbrush, or the 300 per minute of your ordinary toothbrush.








Every Nook and Cranny

Honestly, it would be great if we could all floss after every meal, since so much harmful bacteria comes from food particles lodged between teeth. But since that’s not always a realistic option, it’s important to do a really good job at the one or two times (at least) a day you do floss.

If once a day is all you can manage, flossing at bedtime is optimal, as long as you’re sure to:

  • Choose floss that’s comfortable – We highly recommend Glide Floss as it is so easy to use and that’s half the battle! floss1
  • Start with about 18 inches of floss and wrap either end around each index or middle finger, leaving about 2 inches between.
  • Slide the tautly-pulled floss gently between your teeth, using a seesaw motion.
  • Wrap the floss around the base of the tooth in a “C” shape and go beneath the gum line, without forcing, and travel back up or down the tooth.
  • Unroll a fresh piece of floss every time you move to a new tooth, making sure you get both the front and back of each.
  • Remove the floss as gently as you when you started, with the same seesaw motion.
  • Tip: Carry disposable floss picks so you can floss after eating or when you have an extra moment. They’re also great at getting between hard-to-reach back teeth.


Time for Some Not-So-Basic Oral Health Hacks

Now that we’ve completed brushing and flossing 101, we can move on to discussing a few supplemental, perhaps lesser-known, things you can do every day to not only boost oral health, but turn up the wattage on that smile.

  1. Rinse with water after eating – This is admittedly pretty basic, but it’s also a great way to clear your mouth of bacteria-causing food particles when brushing or flossing’s not an option.
  1. Scrape your tongue – Whether you invest in a tongue scraper (plastic or metal) or just like using a spoon, scraping the yellow-white coating off your tongue every morning should be as much a part of your oral routine as brushing. Not only will this get rid of any residual morning breath, but it will also improve food taste and digestion.
  1. Eat “detergent” foods – Firm and crunchy, yet natural, detergent foods “scrub” your teeth as you eat them and include raw carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, apples and popcorn as well. Talk about a win-win for your teeth and your body!
  1. Use products with xylitol – Available in chewing-gum form, as well as certain toothpastes and mouthwashes, xylitol is a plant-based sweetener that has been shown to fight bacteria, stimulate saliva production and help protect teeth from demineralization.
  1. Try coconut oil pulling or coconut toothpasteIf you haven’t heard of oil-pulling, you’re not alone, but you are part of an ever-decreasing number. In a nutshell, oil-pulling is an ancient practice that involves swishing coconut oil around in your mouth for up to 20 minutes in order to get rid of toxins and bacteria, whiten teeth, freshen breath, leave behind a protective natural barrier and, believe it or not, boost overall health.

We hope you’ve enjoyed (and will get some use from) our lists of both oral health techniques and the hacks that support them. If you have any questions or comments about what you’ve read or would like to schedule an appointment for an oral health checkup, please don’t hesitate to contact us any time.

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