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All-On-4: Are You a Candidate?

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All-On-4 is a remarkable procedure gaining in popularity due to its transformative power in patients’ health, happiness, confidence, function—and now cost-effectiveness. What was once an elite, expensive procedure is now more affordable than traditional individual dental implants.

All-On-4 is available to more people than ever: could you be a candidate?

The Ideal Candidate for All-On-4

If you suffer from missing teeth, bone-loss, deteriorating health due to dental complications overall tooth-failure, or ill-fitting removable dentures, All-On-4 could be for you.

All-On-4 is the only procedure that replaces the entire arch simultaneously in one procedure. This results in prosthetic teeth that are solid and non-removable. In other words, the replacement teeth you receive from the All-On-4 procedure are permanent, fully-functioning and do not come in and out.

The procedure is suitable for a wide variety of patients. In fact, very few are not eligible for All-On-4. Individuals who receive All-On-4 are, overall, in good general health. A screening is done to rule out those patients who suffer from rare medical conditions which may affect bone healing

Overworked Teeth and All-On-4

All-On-4 is not just a procedure for patients who suffer from missing teeth; All-On-4 has helped many patients who were once told they had no other options due to deteriorating bone and over–worked teeth.

After receiving a multitude of dental procedures over a lifetime, many times there isn’t much substance left to work with. Many All-On-4 treatment recipients suffer from:

  • • Gum disease
  • • Multiple root canals
  • • Decay
  • • Ill-fitting crowns
  • • Pain
  • • Bad breath
  • • Crippled teeth
  • • A lack of sociability due to self-consciousness


If you suffer from these conditions, the All-On-4 procedure is a likely option for you

Who Would Be Ineligible for the All-On-4 Procedure?

Only a small group of individuals may not be a candidate for the procedure, although this would be extremely uncommon. In fact, the majority of patients who receive the All-On-4 treatment were often told they were unqualified for dental solutions prior to discovering the All-On-4 treatment option.

In very few cases, individuals with rare, overriding medical conditions or unusual medications may not be eligible for the procedure; however, this is an infrequent occurrence and can only be determined after a thorough consultation with a dentist.

How to Find Out if You’re Eligible

Ineligibility would be determined during a consultation appointment and exam with Dr. Ginger Price DDS.

During her -complimentary consultation, Dr. Ginger Price reviews patients’ medical history and even provides a cone beam x-ray, which is used to produce 3D images of your teeth, bone, soft tissues and nerve pathways. This free CT scan, which normally costs upwards $275, allows Dr. Price to virtually place the dental implants on a computer. At the end of the initial visit, patients will be approved for the procedure if deemed eligible and have a comprehensive understanding of all of the options, risks, benefits and the timeline of the procedure.

Dr. Price also offers a free “Trial Smile” during this consultation, giving you the ability to see a computer generated photo of what your new smile would look like with an All-On-4 procedure. Contact Dr. Price DDS to learn more.

Receive a Free Consultation and “Trial Smile” with Dr. Ginger Price DDS

If you suffer from dental impairment, there is a solution. The All-On-4 treatment can give you a full, functional, natural smile in only one day. Meet with the top cosmetic dentist in Phoenix, Dr. Ginger Price, to confirm you are a candidate for the procedure. Find out why cosmetic dentists are the best dental professionals to receive the All-On-4 procedure from here.

By scheduling a free consultation with Dr. Ginger Price, you receive much more than a medical history check. A consultation with Dr. Price includes:

  • • A complimentary, 90-minute appointment
  • • A complimentary CT scan, which typically costs upwards of $275
  • • A free panorex x-ray, which typically costs upwards of $110
  • • Answers to any and all questions regarding the procedure
  • • Professional insight and suggestions
  • • A thorough review of your medical history
  • • “Trial Smile” the free, digital depiction (computerized photos) of what you would look like with the final results of your All-On-4 dental implants


To learn more about the procedure, take a look at this complete guide to All-On-4, or contact Dr. Ginger Price DDS today a free consultation and “Trial Smile” today!

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