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All-on-4: How to Take Care of Your New Teeth

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All-on-4: How to Take Care of Your New Teeth

Annie might have been on to something when she said we’re never fully dressed without a smile. But for individuals with dentures or missing or damaged teeth, that smile feels harder to put on.

People who take the step to repair their teeth using the All-on-4 dental implant system reclaim their health, confidence, and smile. And although caring for your implants during the healing process is important, everyday maintenance for your new teeth is simple.


During the Healing Process

Following the All-on-4 procedure, you’ll receive temporary, natural-looking teeth. These will be in place for six to eight weeks until the implant site has healed and the osseointegration, which fuses the titanium rod to the jaw bone, is complete.

You might be anxious to savor some of your favorite meals; but hold off on anything that is hard to chew, sticky, or rough during the healing period. Especially in the first few days, increasing your liquid intake, as well as enjoying a soft diet, can help to ensure a rapid healing process.

Dentists typically prescribe antibiotics and pain medication. These are both good tools to accomplish complete osseointegration. Rinsing with salt water or antimicrobial mouth rinse may also help. Use a soft manual toothbrush for the first few weeks of healing; electric or sonic toothbrushes can be added back in later.

It’s important during this period to facilitate healing. While the titanium rods can be implanted in a single day, the healing, like any other surgery, can take time. This healing is especially important, as during this time that the titanium rods will become a permanent part of the jaw bone.

For the best possible results, follow all of the recommendations and instructions are given by your hygienist based upon your individual surgery.


Protecting Your Permanent Teeth

Once you’ve been fitted for your permanent teeth, and they’ve been fixed to the titanium implants, care for these is very similar to the care you would give natural teeth. Because they are implanted, there is no need to remove or soak dentures, you won’t need to worry about having adhesives on-hand, and you can return to your favorite foods.

In fact, All-on-4 allows patients to bite with even more force than they previously had, due to the comfort, strength, and security of the type of implant. As a result, foods that had been off-limits because of previous dental conditions can be reintroduced to your diet.

Just as you would with natural teeth, All-on-4 implants should be brushed, flossed and cleaned two to three times a day. Use a low abrasive toothpaste or gel, so if any pieces of the titanium are exposed, they won’t be damaged. Highly abrasive cleaners may scratch the surface or exposed threads, which will keep the permanent teeth from fitting properly.

Toothpaste shouldn’t include baking soda, sodium or stannous fluoride, or stain removers. This includes toothpaste made for smokers. High fluoride concentrations can remove the oxide layer on the implants, taking with it the anti-corrosive surface. Some fluorides, like stannous fluoride, can be rough on the implants, and might scratch the surface.

As with natural teeth, patients with implants should use soft-headed toothbrushes; manual, electric, or sonic brushes are all acceptable options.

Flossing should be done with unwaxed or implant floss to get the maximum cleaning while minimizing tissue damage. You might also consider an antimicrobial rinse. Some people have found that water-spraying brushes, water flossers, or oral irrigators help to facilitate a thorough cleaning.

It may be recommended to use a stimulator for the tissue around the implant.

You should continue to see your dentist regularly for cleaning, x-rays, and check-ins for your implants.


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