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Benefits of All-On-4 Dental Implants

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All-On-4 is one of the best comprehensive dental implant options available, and is revolutionizing lives and smiles each day.

While many people think of dental implants as the next step for those wearing dentures, this procedure is a valuable treatment plan for individuals who suffered dental illness, bone weakness, broken or missing teeth, or low self-esteem because of their teeth.

Although traditional implants have been available for the last 30 years, All-On-4 really revolutionized the treatment for patients with multiple failing and/or missing teeth.


All-On-4 Implants Look and Feel Natural

Dental implants are a secure and comfortable alternative. After the procedure, patients can eat, drink, and clean around the appliance much like normal teeth.

In addition, dental implants bring an added benefit. Because the titanium implants are placed in the jawbone, they help to maintain bone mass and facial structure, something that is quickly lost as teeth fail and have to be removed.


All-On-4s Are a Permanent Solution

Unlike dentures, which don’t feel natural and must be taken out after each meal to be cleaned, dental implants are permanently affixed to the bone, giving patients peace of mind and confidence in any situation.

Once the All-on-4 implant process has been completed, you’ll continue to see your dentist on a normal, regular schedule. Unlike dentures, implant supported teeth will never pinch or slip, aren’t removable and are designed to provide years of enjoyment with the proper care and maintenance.


All-On-4s are Efficient

Traditional implants require a series of many appointments. From the initial exam, to the lengthy bone grafting process to build up the base that will hold the implant screws, patients who get traditional implants find themselves completing many appointments taking much time away from work or other pursuits in order to complete the process. Once the bone grafting process is complete, traditional implants often require 8-12 implants per arch in one arch, which not only adds time but dental budget.

Patients being treated with All-On-4, on the other hand, receive only four implants per arch to support the bridge. There is no bone grafting needed before surgery, and patients walk out with beautiful teeth the same day. Six to eight weeks after the implants have fully healed, the patient returns for their permanent bridge.


All-On-4 Is Cost-Effective

All-On-4 requires fewer appointments than traditional implants or dentures, which need fittings and repairs. Trying to get the right comfort level for dentures can take time. All of these appointments can add up to a large out-of-pocket bill.

Each appointment has a cost, and traditional implants, which require more bone grafting and a larger number of implants, are one of the costliest options for repairing dental issues.

Additionally, the increased number of appointments can mean more time lost from work, and the extensive treatments of a traditional implant will leave patients with longer and more frequent healing periods.

All-On-4 can be completed from the initial consultation to final implantation in a handful of appointments, with the entire implant appointment being completed in several hours. Patients walk out with a full set of teeth, and a much easier recovery time than can be expected from traditional implants. There is less cost overall, and less money lost in time off from work.


All-On-4 Improves Your Quality of Life

If you suffer from missing or broken teeth, dental complications, or poor-fitting dentures, you have most likely experienced the pain of trying to eat some of your favorite foods, or the mental and emotional effects of tooth problems. Many people have reported a lower level of self-confidence or self-esteem, and find it difficult to smile, talk, or eat. Patients have sought dental implants because of gum disease, decay, crippled teeth, multiple root canals, or pain.

Not only does All-On-4 bring back your confidence and happiness, but they also improve your overall health by working to strengthen bone structure and strength, prevent bone deterioration, reverse the signs of aging, and allowing you to eat nutritious fruits and vegetables that may have been off-limits or difficult to chew prior to the dental implant.


To find out if All-On-4 dental implants are right for you, contact Dr. Ginger Price DDS for a free exam and CT scan.

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