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Caring For Your Restorations

Once you’ve achieved the smile you’ve always wanted, the professionals at Ginger Price DDS will become your support team, providing you with home care instructions and regular in-house cleanings using restoration-safe materials.

Home Care

Your new smile is an investment in yourself and one you want to protect. It is important that you follow the simple instructions that will be provided once restoration is complete.

Instructions include:

-Immediately after your restoration is complete, soft foods such as soup (appropriate temp.), yogurt, omelettes, oatmeal, etc. are recommended.

-Some pain or sensitivity may occur, so Motrin or Tramadol may be used.

-Flossing new crowns and veneers regularly is important, so we recommend using Glide Floss. Patients with bridgework may require a floss threader.

-To protect your new smile and keep it looking its best, we recommend the DiamondCare Sonicare Toothbrush and Opalesence Toothpaste (low abrasive), both of which are available at our office and competitively priced.

-Patients who have been prescribed Carifree products by our hygienist may continue to use them, as Dr. Price has hand-selected Carifree for its non-staining properties.

-Even though restored teeth are meant to function as real teeth, avoid biting down on hard objects, such as hard candy, ice, pens, fingernails, etc. or using your teeth to open, tear or hold objects.

-Night guards are recommended as a protection against clenching and grinding and are available at our office.

-If you play sports that could potentially damage teeth, like basketball or baseball, be sure to ask about mouth guards.

-All patients need to return to the office within a week of restoration for a bite evaluation and to have necessary adjustments made.

Office Visits

Maintaining your new smile is best accomplished through a joint effort, so regular office visits are key.

Regular cleanings by our hygienists are carried out using specialized tools and non-abrasive polishing agents and are recommended every three months to ensure all deposit is being removed and that your home supplies are being refilled.

Yearly exams are integral to smile longevity, since Dr. Price is able to see damage or bite changes that you might not be aware of. X-rays not only pinpoint new decay, but they allow Dr. Price to evaluate roots and bone levels, ensuring your oral health falls within the ADA recommended guidelines.

At Ginger Price DDS, we don’t just build your beautiful new smile, we help you keep it that way!

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