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The Most Common Questions About All-On-4: Answered by Dr. Ginger Price DDS

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The Most Common Questions About All-On-4: Answered by Dr. Ginger Price DDS

We can’t emphasize it enough: All-On-4 is perhaps the most transformative procedure a cosmetic dentist can perform for their patient. Individuals who once suffered from painful physical symptoms, social stress and health deterioration due to tooth failure and loss emerge from All-On-4 a new, happier version of themselves.

While the list of benefits to All-On-4 is long, there are commonly asked questions and concerns regarding the procedure. Dr. Ginger Price DDS offers her expert insight and answers.

“What Is All-On-4?”

All-On-4 is a dental procedure for individuals whose teeth are missing or in a state of failure. All it takes is four implants on the upper and lower jaw to completely replace a patient’s teeth with new prosthetics.

There are three major components of the implants:

  1. Dental implants (screw-like pieces that act as the foundation)
  2. Abutment attachments (connectors screwed into the top of the implants)
  3. Prosthetic teeth (natural-looking, fully-functional replacement teeth)

Because Dr. Ginger Price is a cosmetic dentist, the prosthetic teeth are then assessed and perfected to fit her patient’s face at a higher standard than other dental providers.

Learn more about why cosmetic dentists are the preferred provider for All-On-4 here.

“How Long Does It Take?”

With Dr. Ginger Price, the All-On-4 procedure only takes about four hours, including implants in the upper and lower jaw.

After the procedure, it will take about three to four months to heal before the temporary prosthetics can be replaced with your final, customized replacement teeth.

“Will It Hurt?”

Surgery is always scary. Dr. Price is asked this question frequently, but is happy to report most patients have very little pain at all; you can expect mild to moderate discomfort depending on the initial condition of your teeth—particularly if teeth were extracted during the procedure. However, after about three days, you should be feeling back to normal and better than ever. It is a very small level of pain for the ultimate benefit of confidence, health and tooth function once again.

“How Expensive Is It?”

Initially, the procedure may seem like a large investment; however, it has been proven to save patients money and is more cost-effective than conventional implant restoration.

You see, patients who don’t receive All-On-4 eventually undergo individual implants and health treatments related to their condition over time. The accumulated cost of these treatments is far more expensive—and exhausting—and far less satisfying than All-On-4.

“Will I Leave Your Office with New Teeth in One Day?”


The teeth you walk out with on the day of your procedure are temporary, acrylic teeth that will be replaced after three to four months of healing. At that time, Dr. Ginger Price will fit you with your permanent teeth, making any esthetic changes you request or that he or she deems beneficial.

“How Much of a Time-Commitment Is All-On-4?”

The procedure takes one day. About three to four months later, you will return to Dr. Price for the insertion of your permanent teeth and fitting. That’s it! With only two regular appointments a year for normal cleaning and maintenance, receiving a brand new smile has never been so quick and easy.

“How Do I Take Care of My New Teeth?”

Brush, floss and smile often. Your new, permanent replacement teeth will act like natural teeth in every way; this means regular maintenance. In the first three to four months after the procedure, the implants are healing and should be treated with care—but once the titanium implants have fully healed and fused to the bone, you will be able to eat and drink freely.

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