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One Day Dental Implants

Millions of people are affected by damaged teeth, declining bone strength, and tooth loss. But now, patients who struggle with severe dental issues can have beautiful, permanent teeth and a natural smile—all done in one day.

Dr. Ginger Price’s renowned dental clinic provides incredible transformations with the revolutionary All-On-4™ procedure. With this advanced technique, a customized, fixed dental bridge is anchored to four dental implants in just one appointment. This procedure resolves even the most crippling dental cases, restoring hope and health for thousands of individuals.

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  before and after comparison About All-On-4 Simply put, All-On-4 is an efficient and cost-effective way to replace patients’ troublesome teeth. The procedure delivers full dental implants in only one day, increasing physical health and quality of life. With only four implants on the upper and lower jaw, patients walk out of Dr. Price’s office with a full, functional, natural-looking smile. Perhaps best of all? The All-On-4 procedure is minimally invasive compared to other dental implants—and is completely permanent. Forget about those high-maintenance dentures. Instead, you can expect solid, beautiful teeth that function just like ordinary teeth. In fact, there is a long list of benefits when it comes to All-On-4. With innovative research and technology, history has been made with the All-On-4 procedure.

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How to Get Started

Before your All-On-4 procedure, you must make an appointment for an initial visit and consultation. During this preliminary appointment, photographs and impressions are taken, including a CT scan that produces 3D images of your teeth, bone, soft tissues and nerve pathways. A cosmetic computer image is created and Dr. Price takes into consideration all the facial aesthetic elements, such as your skin tone, shape of your face and your facial features when planning your new smile.

…And Dr. Ginger Price DDS offers this consultation appointment for free.

Following a comprehensive evaluation, your one day implants appointment will be scheduled.

All-On-4: The Day of Your Procedure

On the day of your exciting transformation:

  • You are sedated and any required extractions are performed
  • Four strong titanium implants are optimally placed in the jaw bone
  • A beautiful bridge is secured on the implants, giving you teeth in a day that can be used immediately. Although the first bridge is considered a healing bridge, it is not removable

Once the dental implants are stabilized, your permanent teeth are created along with a sturdy understructure that allows you to have full function. Then, Dr. Price removes the provisional bridge and attaches your set of permanent teeth to the implants.

Altogether, the All-On-4 procedure only takes about four hours for both the upper and lower jaw—seriously!

The teeth-in-a-day method has numerous advantages over conventional implants, allowing for reduced costs, fewer appointments, less discomfort and shorter healing times. There’s no bone grafting or incisions needed. The procedure also means you really can replace dentures in one day for improved confidence and convenience.

Learn more about what you can expect from your All-On-4 appointment and results here—and learn how to take care of your beautiful new teeth post-procedure here.

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  Am I a Candidate for the All-On-4 Procedure? Do you have bone loss or weakness? Do you wear dentures or have missing and damaged teeth? Have you been told you had no other options for your dental situation in the past? Well, All-On-4 has changed the lives of many patients who were once told their deteriorating bone and overly-worked teeth left them without options as well. In fact, you are still a candidate even if you suffered from:


  • Excessive root canals



  • Decay



  • Ill-fitting crowns



  • Pain



  • Bad breath



  • Crippled teeth



  • A lack of sociability due to self-consciousness



Learn more about whether you are eligible for the All-On-4 procedure here.

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Dr. Ginger Price and Her Team: Among the Most Trusted in The Field

Ginger Price, DDS, has a superior level of expertise in providing same-day implants with the All-On-4 procedure. Performed with a surgeon, dentist and often a lab technician, Dr. Ginger Price has a truly impressive and trustworthy team of professionals to ensure the best results for her patients.

Established in 1984, Dr. Price’s family cosmetic dentistry practice truly loves giving the gift of a smile back to patients. Dr. Ginger Price herself is known internationally for her work, and has received accolades from patients and peers alike. Recognized as the best cosmetic dentist in the Phoenix area, Dr. Price has loyal patients who have stayed with her for over thirty years.

Among Dr. Price’s many credentials, her esthetic capabilities make her truly unique. Her talent and background in fine arts gives her a valuable and hard-to-find perspective, which she uses to enhance the services she provides.

In creating your smile, Dr. Price partners with Wiand Dental Lab in Phoenix, which specializes in crafting custom teeth using the latest technology and equipment.

Contact us to schedule your consultation. We always provide one-day dental implants with concern for your comfort and well-being. So, you can receive an extraordinary new set of white teeth in just one day!

Still have questions regarding the All-On-4 procedure? Dr. Price answered her most frequently asked questions regarding All-On-4 here.

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