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Bonding Teeth

Bonding teeth is a procedure that combines structural changes with cosmetic dentistry to enhance your smile.  Recent advances in the bonding materials have increased the strength, durability, and longevity of these restorations which can be used to address both small and large corrections.

The dental bonding material, known as a composite, is made by combining different materials with a durable resin. It comes in many shades and can be molded, shaped, and polished so that it matches the look and feel of your natural teeth.

The advantage of using this material is that since it bonds directly to each tooth, it provides additional support. Cosmetic bonding can be used for tooth lightening, closing spaces between teeth, making teeth appear straighter, or repairing cracks and chips. 

Some of the more common uses of tooth bonding:

  • – As an alternative to amalgam fillings
  • – To repair chipped or cracked teeth
  • – To improve tooth discoloration
  • – To correct spacing between teeth
  • – To elongate or reshape teeth
  • – To protect tooth’s root if exposed (receding gums) 


What does cosmetic tooth bonding involve? First we select the shade that matches your own and then roughen the tooth surface. A conditioning liquid is used so that the bonding material adheres to the tooth.

Next, we prepare the dental composite and apply, mold and smooth it into the desired shape. This is followed by exposure to a special light that helps to quickly harden the material.

Finally, Ginger Price DDS trims, shapes and polishes it so that it matches the rest of the tooth surface.

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