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Root Canal Treatment from Phoenix’s Top Cosmetic Dental Practice

At Ginger Price DDS, we understand that, like people, some teeth are just easier to get along with than others. Some are delightful and make great dinner companions, while others make you want to hit the ‘unfriend’ button.

When it comes to root canals in Phoenix, AZ, our team is specially trained to tackle even the most complicated root and pulp issues, allowing you to keep your natural teeth.

Root Canal Treatment Explained

A root canal treatment saves a severely decayed, injured, or cracked tooth that becomes infected. During the procedure, the nerve and pulp of the affected tooth will be removed. Plus, the interior part of the tooth will be cleaned and sealed. If not treated promptly and properly, the badly decayed or infected pulp leads to tooth abscess or severe infection.

So, don’t hesitate to come to our office if you experience any of these symptoms:

  • Tooth or gum pain
  • Prolonged tooth sensitivity to heat or cold
  • Tenderness of a tooth
  • Presence of tooth abscess or gum sores in your mouth
  • Inflammation or tenderness in the lymph nodes under your jaw

Sometimes, tooth pulp infection can exist without warning signs. So, it is important that you include a digital x-ray during your routine dental checkups.

In the event a tooth doesn’t respond to previous root canals, or it presents a higher level of treatment difficulty, our in-house endodontist, Dr. Rodney Brimhall, uses a gentle approach and a well-trained eye to pinpoint the problem.

Typical treatment involves:

-X-Rays – We will begin by taking unique-angle x-rays, using special film placements to capture elements previous x-rays may have missed.

-Anesthetic – Dr Brimhall is a master at achieving profound numbing, and of course those with greater concerns always have the option of either laughing gas or sedation.

-Root Canal Procedure – During this time, it is important that the patient feels calm and at ease, which is why our team does everything they can to help bring that about. Any time a break is desired, all that’s needed is a raised hand.

-Aftercare and Medication – From finding out which pain management options are appropriate, to special care instructions, to being available for any follow-up questions, we are there for our patients, every step of the way.

Calm and Relaxing Environment

The team at Ginger Price DDS want nothing more than to provide you with a smile you’re proud of and, more important, support you in your quest for better overall health.

We believe that the key to a relaxed, satisfying patient experience lies not only in answering questions readily, but in being a good listener and finding out more about the person being treated.

We can’t promise to make having a root canal in our Phoenix office one of your top 10 favorite things to do, but we can promise the most comfortable, anxiety-free root canal experience possible.

Best of all, you get to be BFF with your tooth again.

Call today to schedule a consultation or to speak with a member of our welcoming, attentive and highly-trained team.

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