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Don't Let Annual Dental Beneifts Expire

Don’t Let Annual Dental Insurance Benefits Go Unused!

The end of a year is near. That means your annual dental insurance benefits could be expiring. If your benefits are based on the calendar year, take full advantage of them before it’s too late. To save money and improve dental health, consider the following: Act Before a Deductible Renews If you’ve already met your

Replace Silver Fillings

Replacing Those Silver Fillings

Not all dental fillings are created equal. Amalgam or silver fillings are more noticeable in the mouth. They may show when you talk or laugh. To make matters worse, they can even lead to tooth discoloration. Fortunately, if you get a cavity today, technology is on your side. Many dentists, including Dr. Ginger Price, use

Extraorla x-ray with less radation at Ginger Price DD

Extraoral X-Ray Imaging for Treatment Success

Extraoral X-Ray Imaging with Less Radiation When a procedure demands critical precision, our office utilizes advanced extraoral X-ray equipment to generate super sharp images. Dr. Ginger Price is excited to announce the addition of a high tech, extraoral X-ray unit into our Phoenix Smile Clinic. It’s the OP300 system, which captures digital images for an

Fizzy Drinks that Ruin Teeth

Are Fizzy Drinks Ruining Your Teeth?

Are Fizzy Drinks Ruining Your Teeth? If you enjoy drinks that fizz, you’ll want to be aware of how sodas and other bubbling beverages affect teeth. Drinks with fizz usually contain a blend of acids, including phosphoric and citric acids. With ongoing exposure, this acidic mixture can wear away the enamel on teeth. Enamel is


More Appointments for At-Risk Patients

You’re unique, and so are your teeth. Now, research has revealed that a personalized schedule for preventive dental care might help protect adults from tooth loss. The study published in the Journal of Dental Research concluded that more appointments for at-risk patients could benefit people who are at greater risk for periodontal disease. The Preventive

Teeth Grown in a Lab

Growing Teeth in a Lab

What if a missing tooth could be replaced with one that’s grown rather than made? Growing teeth in a lab. A research team in England has taken an important step toward the future of bioengineered teeth. The researchers were able to grow the bioteeth in a process that used human adult gum cells. They succeeded

Meet Tami Bowers our Hygiene Coordinator and Receptionist

When you pick up the phone to call Ginger Price DDS, you will most likely get to speak first with Tami, our Receptionist/Hygiene Coordinator. Tami works closely with Dr. Price as well as the team of hygienists to coordinate patient appointments. You will find her to be very warm and friendly. Tami always goes the

Porcelian Veneers

Natural Looking Porcelian Veneers that Last Longer

Today, natural looking porcelain veneers are considered a long-lasting cosmetic dental procedure. These customized laminates are a great option for the correction of chipped, decayed, discolored, or even crooked teeth. Though wafer thin, porcelain veneers are still quite strong. So with proper care, you can expect them to retain their appealing look for years to

The Value of a Beautiful Smile

The Value of a Beautiful Smile

What is the value of a Beautiful Smile? The value is evident every time Dr. Price creates one of her Signature Smiles for a client. It is our mission to help you have the healthy, beautiful Signature Smile you desire. We don’t take our role lightly! We understand that your smile is the first thing

periodontal disease also called gum disease

Stop Gum Disease with Professional Care

At our family dental clinic, we take gum disease seriously because we want you to enjoy a healthy mouth for life. Gum disease, which is also called periodontal disease, is an infection of the supportive tissues around the teeth. In its more serious forms, it can cause tooth loss. Since periodontal disease is often painless,

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