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New Teeth in Just One Day

Now you can have beautiful, permanent teeth and a perfect smile all done in a day!

Our clinic provides amazing transformations with the revolutionary Teeth in One Day technique, also known as All-On-4®. With this advanced procedure, a customized, fixed dental bridge is anchored to just four dental implants in one appointment.
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All-On-4® Dental Implants

  • Get Permanently Attached Teeth While You Sleep.
  • New Teeth in as Little as Just One Day.
  • Regain Your Confidence and Your Smile.

With these one-day dental implants, you gain quality of life improvements and a fully functional smile. You may be a candidate for this technique if you currently wear dentures or have missing and damaged teeth.

Not sure if your a candidate for the type of procedure?

We offer a Cosmetic Consultation that includes X-rays, Photos & Exam.

Ginger Price, DDS, has a superior level of expertise in providing same-day implants with the All-On-4® procedure.

The benefits begin with a preliminary appointment where photographs and impressions are taken. A cosmetic computer image is created and Dr. Price takes into consideration all of the facial aesthetic elements, such as your skin tone, shape of your face and your facial features when planning your new smile. Following a comprehensive evaluation, your one-day implant appointment will be scheduled. During this appointment:

Once the dental implants are stabilized, well have your permanent teeth created along with a sturdy understructure that allows you to have full function. Then well remove the provisional bridge and attach this set of permanent teeth to the implants.

The teeth-in-a-day method has numerous advantages over conventional implants, allowing for reduced costs, fewer appointments, less discomfort and shorter healing times.

Theres no bone grafting or incisions needed! The procedure also means you really can replace dentures in one day for improved confidence and convenience.

In creating your smile, Dr. Price partners with Wiand Dental Lab in Phoenix which specializes in crafting custom teeth using the latest technology and equipment.

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We always provide one-day dental implants with concern for your comfort and well-being.

So you can receive an extraordinary new set of white teeth in one day