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Ginger Price, Designing Smiles and Works of Art

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A beautiful smile is often the result of dentistry practiced as
an art form. And in case you didn’t know, Dr. Ginger Price is a cosmetic dentist and an artist! She started her college education as a Fine Arts major, and completed it with a doctorate in dentistry. Her artistic skills complement the general, restorative and cosmetic care she provides in her Phoenix dental clinic.

As she continues to enhance her professional knowledge in medicine, Dr. Price also keeps her vision and creativity alive by continuing to pursue the arts. So she recently took classes at the Bullseye Studio in Emeryville, California. The Bullseye Glass Company designs distinctive glass pieces for both art and architecture. It also offers instruction on creating a variety of glass artwork using a kiln.

In architecture, kiln-glass pieces are used as lighting fixtures, furniture and other design elements. Artists can also create everything from platters to sculptures with kiln-glass methods that reveal remarkable patterns, lines and colors. During her Bullseye courses, Ginger Price learned new design skills, including pate de verre (paste of glass). This technique, once used by ancient artists, involves layering glass grains into a mold for firing. She tapped into her sense of movement, composition and color as she designed glass artwork in this course and other kiln-glass sessions.

Dr. Price continues to refine her artistic talents because she knows they harmonize with the science of dentistry. There are parallels to designing artwork and transforming a smile. With cosmetic procedures, Dr. Price may consider your teeth, lips, gums, bite, and even skin tone as she turns your smile into a masterpiece!

Our restorative and cosmetic treatments can improve appearance, comfort and functioning. We offer advanced dentistry supported by the latest technologies and esthetic excellence. Contact Dr. Ginger Price today for an appointment or to discover more about her passion for art!

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