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Invisalign: What’s So Great About It, After All?

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Invisalign is one of the newest ways to make your smile truly shine. This innovative teeth-straightening practice is more convenient and comfortable than traditional braces

What’s the Deal with Braces?

Braces use a series of wires, brackets and rubber bands that need to be tightened on a regular basis to achieve straight teeth, fill in gaps, and sharpen your smile. While they are effective, they are also cumbersome, time-consuming, and can be painful.


In fact, many people pop off brackets by eating food that was too hard, have experienced sore, achy gums and teeth for a few days after having their braces tightened, and have experienced raw sores inside their mouth while getting used to eating with brackets.

Even worse? Flossing and brushing is more difficult with braces, and many patients have found the need to invest in water flossers to combat the difficulty of flossing.

Invisalign, on the Other Hand, Has a Much Different Process…




You’ll start by meeting with an Invisalign certified dentist. You can find them on Invisalign’s website. The best option is to seek a professional who has the most experience. Invisalign’s Top Docs are called Elite Preferred Providers and they have a higher level of case experience, meaning they’ve completed the most cases every year.



Once you locate the right office, your doctor will first evaluate your needs by taking photographs and necessary radiographs.

After it’s been determined that you’re a candidate—and 90% of patients are—a digital scan is completed. This scan along with your photos and radiographs are then sent to Invisalign. Next, a 3-D image is created showing the sequencing of the tooth movements according to the Doctor’s prescription. Once the Doctor approves the case, Invisalign utilizes sophisticated 3-D printing technology to create the series of aligners out of a patented thermoplastic material.


The aligners look similar to trays used for teeth whitening but are designed to shift teeth over time into their optimal locations. Patients now change aligners every 10 days to accomplish the straightening process. Many patients today choose the popular “Viper pro” technology to fast forward the movement, reducing the aligner time to 5 days, virtually cutting the treatment time in half!

Once you have your aligners, you’ll need to wear them between 20 and 22 hours each day for optimal results, only taking them off when you need to eat, brush, or floss. Unlike braces, Invisalign aligners are completely invisible, and most people won’t even notice that you have them on!


Throughout the process, you’ll see your dentist every four to six weeks. At these appointments, the dental team will assess your progress and make sure the treatment is moving along as expected.

On average, adult patients undergo treatment for about 12 months, but each individual case is different. Teens have a wider range of average treatment times based on the severity of correction that is needed as well as their teeth’s adaptability and reception to the treatment.

For Many Patients, Invisible Aligners Are All That’s Needed to Achieve Desired ReThe aligners look similar to trays used for teeth results



In addition to the aligners, 90% of cases require what we call attachments or ridges. The attachments are enamel-colored composite bumps that are affixed to the teeth and increase the traction of the aligners.



But Remember…

Throughout the treatment plan, you’ll need to keep the aligners clean. Invisalign created a special cleaning kit, which can be purchased at your doctor’s office. Otherwise, you can clean them by brushing them right along with your teeth.

Once your treatment is complete and your teeth move into the desired position, a set of Vivera retainers are a MUST after treatment, ensuring your beautiful new smile stays intact! At least 30% of Invisalign treatment is for patients who once had straight teeth and either didn’t have proper retainers or just stopped wearing them.


Learn more about how Invisalign can help treat your teeth and contact Dr. Ginger Price today to schedule your evaluation.

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