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Invisaligns cleaning Invisaligns is the popular term our patients use to refer to the Invisalign teeth alignment system, a clear and easily removable option that people prefer to use as an alternative to regular braces.

Ginger Price DDS Family Cosmetic Dentistry in Arizona is a designated Invisalign Preferred Provider and although this isn’t something new, we did think that this might be a good time to review some best practices tips for our clients who are wearing Invisaligns.

If you have any trouble getting them on or off, or if your aligners cause intense pain or severe discomfort, make sure you call us right away.

Above all, we want you to know that it is critical for you to wear your Invisaligns as directed by Dr Ginger Price. This means wearing them each day for 20-22 hours so you get the best results.

Invisalign Cleaning & Maintenance

Be sure to develop a consistent practice when it comes to insertion and removal of your Invisaligns. For instance, when not worn, they should be stored properly inside their case to protect them from getting misplaced or damaged.

One of the best habits is to clean them before each insertion by using a small dab of toothpaste and a soft bristle toothbrush. Then once a week, you should take the time to use the Invisalign cleaning system.

Avoid any other cleaners such as denture creams, solutions or mouthwash since they can damage the aligners and cause them to lose their sheen.

Eating & Drinking with Invisaligns
Always remove your aligners for eating and drinking (except for cool water). Before reinsertion, clean your teeth (brush/floss), and clean your Invisaligns with a dab of toothpaste and a soft brush.

Invisalign Best Practices

Practice good hygiene when handling your aligners–so make sure to thoroughly wash your hands prior to inserting or removing the Invisaligns.

The U indicates the upper aligner and the L indicates the lower but it doesn’t matter which one you insert first. Start by pushing your selected aligner over your front teeth and then, using your fingers, slowly move back to the molars. Use consistent pressure and equally apply it as you firmly press down until the aligner snaps into place.

Start at one side and gently pull off the molars as you guide the aligner off your teeth and work your way up to the front, and then around to the other side. Be careful! Also be sure to take your time so you avoid twisting or bending them.

Once off, clean and rinse each one thoroughly. Remove excess water and store in your protective case.

We hope that these best practice suggestions for your Invisaligns are helpful. If you haven’t tried Invisaligns yet and want to explore this option, don’t hesitate to call our dental Phoenix office. We’d be happy to answer your questions or get you started with your own Invisalign aligners right away.

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