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iTero Digital Impression System: Precise Digital Impressions

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The iTero digital impression system has made its patient friendly debut in our office! Dr. Price and her staff are excited to offer the benefits of this advanced scanning equipment. The system is a highly accurate tool that supports restorative dentistry as well as Invisalign. With iTero technology, precise digital impressions are captured as a smart alternative to conventional impressions. In the past, if you were a patient preparing for certain restorative or cosmetic dental procedures, you had to provide impressions by using trays and filled with goopy material. Now, in many cases, we can use digital images to obtain highly detailed information about the teeth and mouth to ensure successful outcomes.

In contrast to traditional impression methods, digital scans are performed quickly and comfortably. If you’re a patient, this means less time in the dental chair, which is always a plus. You don’t have to wait for materials to be mixed, trays to be prepared, or for a sticky substance to set in your mouth. The technology also offers wonderful relief for those who gag easily, since the digital impressions are goop and gag free.

With this precise 3D technology, we can generate images in minutes. The captured impressions can even be displayed on a screen in real time for your viewing. The equipment also builds models from the scans, making it a great way to obtain images for crown or bridge work. Using digital impressions can dramatically reduce or even eliminate the need for adjustments during procedures such as crown placements. Invisalign aligners fit more accurately as well, sometimes reducing the need for “refinements”, or additional aligners at the end of treatment.

Dr. Price is dedicated to providing the latest technology that shares improved patient comfort, efficient treatment and enhanced results. You can rely on our dental practice’s innovative care. If you need a cosmetic or restorative consultation, contact us today. We’re here for your dental health and smile rejuvenation.

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