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You’re unique, and so are your teeth. Now, research has revealed that a personalized schedule for preventive dental care might help protect adults from tooth loss. The study published in the Journal of Dental Research concluded that more appointments for at-risk patients could benefit people who are at greater risk for periodontal disease.

The Preventive Care Link

Researchers from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry looked at the relationship between adult tooth extractions and the frequency of preventive dental visits. They reviewed the records of patients with three common risk factors associated with periodontal disease: diabetes, smoking, and variations in the interleukin-1 gene. The research team also evaluated information on patients who had no risk factors.

The study concluded that high-risk patients did receive significant benefits from having two preventive dental visits each year. Researchers went further, suggesting patients with risk factors might see additional improvements by visiting their dentist even more often. This study highlights the need for patients to determine if they are at risk for periodontal disease so they can receive regular evaluations.

One or Two Visits?

Another finding from the study related to patients without risk factors for gum disease. Researchers proposed that, in terms of tooth loss, there might be no additional benefits for low-risk patients to receive two preventive care appointments, rather than one, annually.

The American Dental Association (ADA) released a statement in response to this finding, explaining that the frequency of your regular preventive visits should still be set by your dentist. The association said that a dental care schedule must take into account a variety of health-related factors.

Overall Health Also Matters

A knowledgeable dentist can customize treatments to a patient’s overall well being, oral hygiene habits, and unique requirements. Dr. Ginger Price has based her practice on personalized dentistry with care tailored to each patient. She can identify and discuss specific periodontal disease risks, while working with you to establish an optimal appointment schedule. Contact our office to learn more.


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