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Replacing Those Silver Fillings

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Replace Silver Fillings

Not all dental fillings are created equal. Amalgam or silver fillings are more noticeable in the mouth. They may show when you talk or laugh. To make matters worse, they can even lead to tooth discoloration. Fortunately, if you get a cavity today, technology is on your side. Many dentists, including Dr. Ginger Price, use translucent fillings made of composite materials. They blend in with the color of teeth and resist wear.

The look of silver fillings is not their only disadvantage. If you have a silver filling, more of the tooth’s structure was removed along with the decay. In comparison, when composite fillings are used, the tooth’s structure and strength are better preserved. Plus, the materials bond directly to the tooth, creating additional reinforcement.

What if my silver fillings become defective?

A silver filling is essentially placed into your tooth, rather than bonded to it. So sometimes the filled tooth will develop smalls crack from years of chewing pressure. If tiny cracks around a large silver filling worsen, the tooth may eventually fracture with a portion of it suddenly breaking away.

At our Phoenix dental clinic, Dr. Price can check your existing fillings for problems and alert you to any warning signs. She can discuss your options for correcting defective fillings, which may include replacement with a new composite filling.  Should a tooth become cracked, Dr. Price can offer a plan for its restoration.

What about the mercury in dental care?

Amalgam fillings are comprised of a mixture of metals, and this includes mercury with its toxicity concerns. Studies continue on whether or not mercury is safe for dental care. Dr. Price utilizes safe, mercury-free materials for new fillings, or the restoration of older ones, so patients avoid any further exposure.

When should I replace my metal fillings?

Some patients would like to replace their silver fillings with composite ones. This replacement is often needed when a metal filling becomes defective or decay appears around it. If a patient wants to replace a filling for cosmetic reasons, this can also be done, as long as the health of the tooth will not be compromised.

If you have issues with previously filled teeth, contact us. Dr. Price will be happy to address your concerns.


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