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Are you one of the 99.7% of Americans that believes a smile is one of your most important assets?

Aesthetic appearance is important and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) revealed some astounding facts about the demand for cosmetic dentistry services in their 2011 survey.

Smile Care Services

Past Five Years:

  • Teeth whitening is the most requested cosmetic service and increased by an amazing 300%.
  • Porcelain veneer procedure services rose by 250%.
  • Dental bonding procedures increased by 100%.

Astounding figures!

Here at the Smile Design Clinic (Dental Phoenix) we run periodic specials on teeth whitening services using products such as Zoom!

However, we also thought you’d be interested in learning how to keep your smile at its best.

So here are our Smile Dental Clinic’s tips:

Saliva is Good!
Believe it or not, saliva flow helps protect your teeth because it defends against plaque build up. If you need to generate more of it, try making sugar free chewing gum part of the routine to increase saliva and fight tooth plaque.

Chew on Crudités
Fresh, fibrous, raw vegetables and crunchy fruits help keep your teeth white because they are gently abrasive. Chewing them stimulates the gums and promotes blood flow which is good for your mouth, gums and teeth.

Munch on Fruits
Malic acid is that tart or sour sensation you experience when you bite into different fruits (grapes, apples, cherries, strawberries) but you probably didn’t know that it can actually help to whiten teeth as well.

Dairy products such as milk, cheese and yogurt provide a variety of essential nutrients. You can benefit from vitamins A, B12, and riboflavin and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and zinc. When combined, the nutrients casein, calcium and phosphorus help strengthen teeth and work to create a protective protein film over the enamel surface of the tooth.

Brush & Floss
Regular brushing and flossing is important to maintain a bright smile but you can also rinse your mouth with water after you eat. When we recently asked our Facebook and Twitter pals what color their tooth brushes were–we were asked about ours. Surprise! Our staff unanimously recommends the Sonicare power toothbrush for the best results.

Cosmetic Dental Care
Of course, regular dental care by a professional is a must. Feel free to call and schedule a Zoom Teeth Whitener session or to arrange a Cosmetic Dentistry AZ appointment…and don’t forget to smile!

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