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Think Celebs are Born with Straight Teeth? Think Again.

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Very few people are lucky enough to be born with perfectly straight teeth. While some were just blessed with good genes, in reality, many celebrities began their careers with imperfect teeth and a less-than-stellar smile before seeking the help of a cosmetic dentist:

Zac Efron

Anyone who has followed Zac Efron’s acting career since before his “High School Musical Days” knows that the heartthrob used to have a gaping hole between his front two teeth. Quirky smiles can look cute on child actors, but adult stars are held to higher standards. The straightening process seems to have paid for itself several times over.

50 Cent

Even rappers can be self conscious about their smiles. When another artist poked fun at his crooked teeth in a song, 50 Cent called a cosmetic dentist. He had his teeth straightened, but he was insistent that the doctor not touch his front two teeth so he’d still “look like himself.” It goes to show that you can get cosmetic dental work while still maintaining a piece of your old self.

Morgan Freeman

Has anyone noticed that Morgan Freeman looks younger today than he did a decade ago? You can thank his cosmetic dentists for that. In addition to getting his teeth whitened, the actor had the gap in his front two teeth closed up. You’re never too old to get cosmetic dentistry, and if you’re a famous actor, it could even help prolong your career.

Catherine Zeta Jones


Believe it or not, the stunningly beautiful actress, Catherine Zeta Jones, was constantly teased by her childhood classmates for having crooked teeth. Now she’s getting the last laugh and has a set a perfect of teeth to show off, too. Since having her teeth straightened, Jones has earned more than enough Oscar gold to pay off her dentist’s bills.

Invisalign  ̶  Not Just for Celebrities



Today’s advanced cosmetic dentistry procedures can give you a life-changing smile with minimal discomfort. Best of all, a beautiful smile is attainable for everyone (not just those with a movie trailer). Dr. Ginger Price’s artistic talent, combined with years of experience and skill, attracts patients from all over the world for the most innovative smile design.

If you have crooked teeth, protruding teeth or noticeable gaps, teeth straightening can be the single, most valuable thing you can do for your appearance. And now with Invisalign, you don’t have to worry about getting braces to straighten your smile.

Ginger Price DDS can’t promise to make you a movie star, but we can at least help you look the part!



Cosmetic dental procedures can make anyone feel more confident and more likely to land their dream job. And whether or not that means you’ll be the star of the next Academy Award winning masterpiece, a straight, even, symmetrical smile can do wonders for your confidence and overall appearance.

Don’t put off getting the smile you’ve always dreamed of! Whether you’d simply like a brighter, more luminous smile or are in need of a smile makeover, Ginger Price DDS can empower your smile.

Call us today to speak with one of our experienced dental treatment coordinators and to schedule your appointment.


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“Dr. Ginger is not only an amazing dentist, but she also listens to her patients and creates a relationship with them beyond just being a dentist. Thanks to Dr. Price and Invisalign, I love my smile. I have great trust in her skills.”

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