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How a Visit to Your Cosmetic Dentist Can Help You Succeed

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This just in: How you look affects what people think of you. You may not like it, but there’s plenty of research to back it up.

Fortunately, a trip to a cosmetic dentist can drastically change your appearance, which in turn increases your marketability. Here are eight ways having terrific teeth can help you in the business world:

  1. You Will be More Likely to Land a Job

A 2007 study by Kelton Research measured the effects of tooth whitening on first impressions during job interviews. Eighty randomly selected people were placed in mock interviews with experienced human resource workers. Subjects went through two interviews with two different evaluators before and after having their teeth whitened. The researchers found that subjects were 58 percent more likely to be hired after having their teeth touched up.

  1. You Will Make More Money

Not only do white teeth improve your chances of getting your foot in the door, but they can actually affect your starting pay. In the same study, subjects who were “hired” in the first interview round received a more financially generous offer in the post-whitening interview.

  1. You Will Project Confidence

Based on the interviewer’s ratings of different criteria, subjects on average scored 65 percent higher on professionalism and 61 percent higher on perceived confidence after the teeth whitening process. These two qualities are highly desirable in business environments.

  1. You Will Seem More Outgoing

Kelton performed a similar experiment simulating mock dates instead of job interviews. The evaluators were 59 percent more likely to perceive subjects with recently whitened teeth as outgoing. In many markets, extroversion is a big commodity.

  1. You Will Look Happy, Healthy and Smart

A 2012 online survey of 1,047 respondents assessed subjects’ perception of others based on tooth alignment. The participants were not informed of the study’s purpose. They were shown pictures of smiling individuals and asked to make snap judgments solely based on appearances. People with perfectly aligned teeth were 21 percent likelier to be viewed as happy, 47 percent likelier to be perceived as healthy and 38 percent more likely to be seen as smart. It may seem superficial, but the data doesn’t lie.

  1. You Will Make A Good First Impression That Lasts

Respondents to the same survey were asked which facial features they tended to notice first when meeting someone, and 29 percent ranked teeth at the top of their list. Better yet, a fourth of respondents named teeth as the feature they tend to remember most after meeting someone, so giving your teeth a tune up increases your chances of leaving a good impression by 25 percent!

  1. You Will Appear Trustworthy

When you’re making a gut judgment about someone’s reliability, do you tend to trust people who dress nice, drive nice cars or hold prestigious jobs? The survey says that 73 percent of subjects ranked nice teeth over all of those admirable qualities when it comes to choosing who to trust.

  1. You Will Build Self-Esteem

Most importantly, science has proven that the condition of your teeth can actually affect your psyche. A University of Manchester’s School of Dentistry study examined the psychological effect of oral health changes, and the researchers unsurprisingly found that test subjects experienced a drastic drop in confidence after events such as losing a tooth. Feeling self-conscious about your teeth leads to less smiling, and your smile can be your biggest professional asset.


Ginger Prince DDS can give you something to smile about. Dr. Price is a cosmetic dentist that specializes in smile makeovers, veneers, implants, teeth whitening and tooth alignment with custom made Invisalign aligners.

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