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White Smiles and Sparkling Impressions for Summer

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There are a variety of options for achieving a brighter, whiter, and more attractive smile – and what better time to improve your appearance than before the start of summer? Clinically advanced whitening procedures, like Zoom Whitening, can provide immediate and dramatic results when performed under the direction of a qualified dental professional like Dr. Ginger Price.

Teeth become discolored for a variety of reasons, including drinking coffee, smoking or aging. However, these effects can often be minimized or even erased with the right cosmetic methods. And when your smile is whiter, you’ll be more likely to share it, creating positive impressions. You may even feel more youthful and confident. A dentist experienced in aesthetic techniques can recommend appropriate lightening procedures that will provide the best possible results in the shortest time frame.

The Zoom whitening treatments have become highly popular because they result in significant differences in about an hour. During Zoom Whitening procedures, a scientifically formulated whitening gel is accelerated by light technology. The latest Zoom technique, called Power Plus, is available through our office. It has the potential to lighten discolored teeth dramatically, revealing a smile that looks healthier and more luminous.

Patients with sensitive teeth are often hesitant about whitening treatments. In some cases, gel concentrations and exposure times can be adjusted to manage sensitivity. Special toothpastes also can be used as the teeth are whitened. In our office, we have recently introduced a new lightening formula for patients with sensitive teeth. It is fast and effective when compared to more traditional methods, so busy patients with sensitivity can turn dull into dazzling without discomfort.

A dental examination may be recommended before clinical whitening. During an evaluation, Dr. Price can provide you with information about technologies that deliver longer lasting effects. Contact Dr. Ginger Price DDS if you’re preparing for a special event, weary of in-home whitening, or self-conscious about stains. We will assist you with the most effective techniques. So you’ll have a beautiful smile for sparkling impressions.

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